WWKiP or World Wide Knit in Public takes place every year in June and I try to attend at least one of the events. I also harass everybody about attending on Ravelry.

So despite not really knitting lately, I joined two friends on the train to Ghent yesterday, where we met up with the local groups and some of our Ostend friends arrived at the venue (Stoffenidee, Burgstraat 38a) eventually.

The lovely Yarnlot took a lot of pictures, which she published on KnitFlanders:

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Thank you for the hospitality and see you next year!


  1. Didn't the sight of all those lovely yarns bring back your knitting mojo? It was lovely indeed to meet everybody again...

    1. Actually cast on for a knit baby present yesterday & that dragon by Zij maakt het looks like a fun knit for myself :)