I think I finished my fastest project of the year yesterday:
The triangular scarf Yexcampa Tlamachiotili only took me 3 weeks to knit!

It's currently pinned out for blocking:
Pattern: Geometry @ Julia Weiss
Yarn: Lang Mille Colori Lace & Sock @ Suzywol
Great fun project which puzzled many who witnessed me knitting this in public.

Once this was bound off (by the fumes of my yarn), I could start clue 1 of the WestKnit's Mystery KAL.
At the moment it looks rather bizarre, but appeals to my inner dragon and I love love love the colours (though in this photograph the lime/petrol combo looks more like yellow/blue. I hope it'll photograph better on a less rainy afternoon).

So here it is, the first half of clue 1 for the Ixnēzcā shawl:

In case you're wondering about the strange title of this post and the names of my projects: I have decided to hencefort name all my projects in the language of the Aztecs, which is Nahuatl. For reference, I'm using the Nahuatl Dictionary of the University of Oregon

Why, you might ask?


  1. Schitterend !!!! de mijne al aan rij 59, maar moet tussendoor enkele steken breien, week vol klassenraden.... ik brei 'm op gewone naalden, dat gaat ook.

  2. Je bent er al aan begonnen zie ik. Ik had nog wat andere projecten, en twijfel nog aan mijn kleurkeuze...