"I need more boobies in my life!", he exclaimed.
So I hooked him some...

Note colour-coordinated project bag ;)

The soft supple curves
rise and fall over my heart.
Comfort resides here.


I'm quite happy with the result, but the best boobie project so far is still the ball I made for another friend:




My projects on Weavolution

Two and a half years ago, when I sat down to answer the survey in this meme, I tried to list all the crafts I ever dabbled with. I'm sure I did much more than that together with my mum or at school.
Earlier this month, when chatting with a knitting club member whose mother is Swiss, it turned out that she too felt like there was much more crafting going on in Alpine homes than in these flatlands of Flanders.

One craft I don't remember learning however (though there were definitely hand-woven mini-rugs around the house), is weaving. But did I catch up fast this month! A little bit of research on Pinterest led to an overall idea and a first project.

Out of curiousity, rebellion, limited income and the desire to maximise my creativity, I decided that
I would either upcycle materials I already had at home or, should I really need something I didn't have at hand, I would repurpose suitable items from the thrift store (Kringloopwinkel).

And so it came to pass that I wove
  • a little purse for my crochet hooks on a cardboard box (an idea I had picked up from Ruth)
  • the 1st of four wall hangings, combining crochet, macramé and weaving
  • my first band on my brand-new upcycloom for tablet weaving: The Magicycle Loom made from
      •  12 old magic cards
      •  2 trouser hangers
      •  2 crochet hooks
      •  4 foam mats to reduce "wiggle"
      •  1 great tutorial
  • a brooch I started working on after receiving this message from my knitterly friend H:
    Oooooh, look, beautiful weaving in the round - think brooches and buttons! There’s a video tutorial, definitely one for you!
    So I had a look, a think, rummaged a bit in my box of upcyclables and crafted this little piece, woven directly on a specialty coffee pad.