What are your favorite colors?
Green, orange, purple
What are your favorite color combos? 
What are your favorite themes, schemes, genres, or patterns? 
Simple patterns with sophisticated results
What is your favorite craft of all time? 
Judging by supplies – knitting.
What are your favorite things to make? 
I only make my favourite things
What are your favorite craft supplies? 
Yarn, fabric, beads
What craft tools do you use most frequently?
Needles & hooks
What are your five favorite things (not necessarily craft related)? 
Naps, coffee, bumble bees, scarves, the internet
What craft fears or avoidances do you have? 
Lace knitting. Not too keen on socks either.
What colors and/or color combos do you hate?
Not very fond of pink or wildly variegating yarns
Describe the first project you made as a child. 
The first I remember is a blue pincushion, knit or crochet
What was your favorite pastime crafting project? 
Loved making origami peacocks
What is the most interesting/unique thing you’ve ever crafted? 
Possibly the spider I made for my brother’s ex
What crafts do you enjoy right now? 
Describe the coolest project you’ve made recently. 
The company mascot
What is(are) your current craft project(s)?
Beading a peyote stitch bracelet
What will be your next craft project(s)? 
Sew a pair of trousers and a shirt
What craft have you wanted to learn or try, but haven't yet? 
Anything to do with sculpting, be it clay or paper maché
What is the thing you are most looking forward to this upcoming season? 
Wearing more hand-made clothes and jewelry.
Do you keep a cache of supplies you’re likely to use or do you buy exactly what you need for each project? 
I have an old stash of “impulse purchases”, but nowadays I try to limit myself to what’s needed for a certain project.
Do you make a list before going into a craft store? 
In my mind
Have you ever come out of a craft store having bought only the things you planned to buy? 
What craft stores do you frequent (online or otherwise)? 
Local yarn and fabric shops, 1 online yarn shop and 1 online bead shop 
Do you have a relative who has crafted something that’s considered a family (or personal) treasure?
Unfortunately not
Do your friends and family support and encourage your crafting? 
Very much so. I only keep the company of crafty friends
Do you admit to “crafting", or do you call it something else, like “DIY”? 
I tend to use words like “knitting, crocheting, sewing, beading”
Do you have any advice for aspiring crafters? 
If it doesn’t work, go for a walk, then try again. If it still doesn't work, go see a friend and ask them.
List everything you’ve tried from a crafting perspective. 
Origami, plaster casting & painting, lacquer flowers, knitting, crocheting, sewing, beading, macramé, kanzashi, cross-stitch. Some clay- and wood crafts at school.
Do you craft in short bursts or long sessions? 
When I have the time and energy, I can work on something for an entire day.
How do you beat the blahs and get inspired and motivated again? 
Eventually. But I’ve also learned to be kind to the blahs. The brain needs a break sometimes.
Have you ever been injured while crafting? 
No, though snapping 2 needles while trying to attach a badge to a judo suit was scary and made me wonder if I shouldn’t be wearing goggles when sewing
If you had a 5-minute shopping spree in your craft supply store, how would you plan your attack? 
I’d chat with the shop keeper for 5 minutes
If you could afford to start any crafting hobby, what would it be? 
Maybe throw in a little weaving?
If you could instantly gain a crafting ability what would it be? What would you make and for whom? 
I would sculpt custom decorative masks and paint them in bright colours
You’re trapped in Bill Murray’s Groundhog Day. What crafting skill would you refuse to learn despite having infinite time to learn it? 
Has anything you’ve crafted been featured at a fair, in a book, etc? 
No, just a few pictures of my creations on ravelry pattern pages
Have you ever sold your crafts? If so, where? 
The occasional commission among friends
Do you have a shop or on-line store where you sell your crafts? If so, where? 
Nope. Or should I say: Not yet?
Do you have other websites? If so, what are they? 
I'm affiliated with Naaldzang and Breien in Oostende, but my friends there blog most of the time.
Have you given your crafts to others? 
Welcome or not ^^


  1. nice literature
    especially the part about the company of crafty friends

  2. It's true, if my needles or hooks aren't welcome, I ain't going either ^^