The Choker, and other beading lessons

While working on my first beading loom project, I quickly realized that it would come out too big to be the bracelet the designer had intended. I decided to finish the project though, find a nice ribbon to attach it to and turn the bracelet into a choker. I finished it last night and hope to wear it a lot:

Pattern by Lesha aka Beadholden Designs @ The Bead Coop
Beads: Size 9 G├╝termann seed beads @ Veritas Bruges
Beading loom: barely used 2nd hand from Tobiasmeneertje!
So, loom beading lessons:
(-) Setting up the loom takes a while
(+) It's fast - pick up all beads for 1 row, attach, repeat
(+) It's probably more forgiving for less regular beads
(-) Weaving in the warp takes forever (40 warp threads for this project!)

This evening I want to use the same green and yellow beads to learn Nepal Chain Stitch.