Crazy Critter Lady

Helen over at Breien in Oostende called me "our reigning queen of knitted and felted critters" in her post about Dagobert the dragon. This got me wondering how many knit and crochet toys I have made in the last 6 years (you've seen the felted ones here).
Luckily I tagged my projects on ravelry, so I could easily create the following screen shots:

This represents 56 different projects, with anything between 1 and 6 versions of the same pattern.
How many did I give away as presents? 50.

So I say thank you to:
- those who designed these awesome patterns
- those who sold me the materials
- those who inspired me to make presents for them
- those who intend to keep their inner child alive and / or decide to procreate so I can knit and crochet for them.

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